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Built for Speed Built by Champions Don't learn to rope twice
Built for Speed
If you can't time 'em you can't catch 'em
Built by Champions
Timing is not everything, it's the only thing
Don't learn to rope twice
If you can't do it slow you can't do it fast

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Time Machine

Time Machine

45 Head Positions

45 Head position duplicates those hard to catch positions.

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Time Machine

Independent 4-leg Movement

Two speed settings and trot mode to simulate real steer movement

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Time Machine

Anti Tip Dual-stablizers

Want to go faster?  The anti tip dual stabilizer allows stable and smooth movement at 12 miles an hour.

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Time Machine

Folding, Easy-release Horns

Easy release horns: Once you are in the correct position the horns easily fold up releasing your rope.  Great for…

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Booth 20 and 21
John Justin South Building
Will Rogers Memorial Center
Forth Worth, Texas
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Our Mission

Our mission has been to identify those who truly want to get better and deliver them a machine that will match their desire to improve. 

There are only so many hours in a day for work, family, rest, etc. When you take from one of those and give it to your roping you should make it count. Practice with something that will make it worth while.